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WM Waste Management Services provides a mattress collection and recycling service across Melbourne and Victoria.

WM Waste Management Services collect mattresses and soft furnishing (such as couches and sofas) in a compactor truck to minimise manual handling.  The collected mattresses are taken to the KTS Recycling facility at Knox Transfer Station for recycling. KTS Recycling is Victoria’s biggest mattress recycler. KTS Recycling also recycle bed bases and soft furniture.

WM Waste Management Services provides bulk mattress collection services to: Councils, Recycling Centers, Charities, Hotels, Retail Stores and other businesses.  To book a bulk mattress collection (more than 10 mattresses), call (03) 9721 1915 or complete the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

For a collection less than 10 mattresses, try your council hard waste collection, or talk directly to KTS Recycling's drop off centers in Coldstream, Skye, Wantirna South and Wesburn.


Do mattresses get recycled?

Yes, mattresses can be recycled, and recycling them is an environmentally responsible alternative to sending them to landfills. The recycling process typically involves separating mattress components such as metal springs, wood frames, and foam, which can then be processed and reused in various industries.

How many mattresses will WM Waste collect?

The number of mattresses that WM Waste will collect from you depends on your specific needs and the details of your request. Whether you have a single mattress or multiple mattresses for disposal, we can tailor our services to accommodate your requirements. 

How do I get a mattress collected?

Getting a mattress collected by WM Waste is a straightforward process. To schedule a mattress collection, provide details about the number of mattresses you need to be collected and your location. Our team will then guide you through the booking process, offering a transparent quote based on your specific requirements. Once you approve the quote, we'll work with you to schedule a convenient time for the mattress collection. 

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